Matthias Scheffelmeier

Co-Founder and Managing Director | ChangemakerXchange | Germany

Matthias Scheffelmeier is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of ChangemakerXchange, a global collaborative community of 800 young innovators and changemakers from across the world. ChangemakerXchange envisions a world where everyone is part of inclusive communities in which people connect deeply and co-create positive action to serve the wellbeing of people and planet. He also was until recently and for more than 11 years a Partner at Ashoka Germany, Co-Founder of Ashoka in Turkey and a Member of Ashoka Europe’s regional leadership team. Beyond that, he’s been contributing to the social impact eco-system in Germany and Europe as Founding Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND), as a small scale impact investor, with a focus on ventures tackling climate change and as a Global Board Member at MasterPeace, a global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement.