Since the first Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008, our events have brought together thousands of people from around the world to build the community, capacity and capability within the social enterprise sector. Each year, we move around the world, working with a different co-host to bring our delegates challenging, topical programmes featuring local, national and international expertise.

“The SEWF team did amazing with this year's forum. I can't wait for more in the future."
Melat, SEWF 2021 Youth Forum, Ethiopia
“We have so much to learn from Indigenous people, the values and the heart and soul you bring to ‘business’ – so meaningful and true to our responsibility as global citizens. Thank you for sharing your stories. From a non-Indigenous person perspective, I am very grateful.”
Teresa, SEWF 2021, New Zealand
“I know we all missed seeing each other in person, sharing stories, meals, and cultural events together… bus rides, and hallways… but your ability to re-invent the event was nothing short of amazing… helping us across Canada to solidify relationships and sector recognition could not have been done more effectively…”
Participant, SEWF Digital 2020, Canada

2022 events

Social Enterprise World Forum 2022 is coming to Brisbane, Australia thanks to our Co-host White Box Enterprises! SEWF 2022 is the event for the global social enterprise community, providing space for purpose-led people, policymakers, philanthropists, intermediaries and entrepreneurs to learn from and be inspired by the potential of sustainable economic initiatives. Join SEWF 2022 online or in person to connect with thousands of leading social entrepreneurs, access world-class content and be part of the world’s largest social enterprise conversation.

2021 events

Last year we travelled – albeit virtually – to Nova Scotia, Canada, where we partnered with Common Good Solutions as 2021 event co-host to shine a spotlight on Canada. Our 2021 event programme featured five events across the year: Policy Forum (27-28 April), Youth Forum (27 September), SEWF 2021 (28-29 September), Rural Forum (27-28 October), and Academic Forum (16-17 November). All SEWF events in 2021 were virtual with French interpretation available during SEWF 2021 and the Rural Forum.

How we create the SEWF events

Our events are designed for social enterprise, by social enterprise. Each year has a spotlight on a specific geography, as well as featuring international priorities and themes. The programme is co-designed and co-created with partners, including deciding on key themes and speaker nominations. By working together with leaders and organisations from around the world, we can ensure that we create a programme that is representative, addressing the needs of social enterprise operating in a diverse range of contexts.

The SEWF legacy

Since 2008, we have held events in countries around the world, covering every continent. Find out more about the legacy we’ve built and dig into the archives to read each event’s impact report. You can also access video footage from our first ever online event, SEWF Digital 2020.

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