Christchurch 2017

Theme: Ka koroki te manu – Creating our tomorrow

The Ākina Foundation hosted SEWF in Christchurch in 2017.  Ākina is the main intermediary growing social enterprise in New Zealand. Through the event Ākina aimed to create a unique opportunity to grow the country’s bubbling social enterprise sector.

The SEWF 2017 theme “Ka koroki te manu – creating our tomorrow” focused on participation, celebrating diversity and learning from each other. The organising team led by Ākina designed and planned SEWF 2017 in line with values of collaboration, respect, openness and humility.

  • 1,616 delegates
  • 28 countries and territories represented
  • 159 speakers from 18 countries and territories
  • 25% of delegates (348 individuals) received a bursary
  • Launch of an Impact Investing Report
  • Proposition of a new legal structure
  • Signature of the Asia Pacific Declaration
  • The NZ government reaffirmed its long-term investment in capability development
  • New Zealand Post launched a new B2B ‘Social Marketplace’
  • Launch of the ‘Impact Enterprise Fund’
  • Launch of the ‘Impact Investment Network’
  • Intent to form a ‘National Advisory Board on Impact Investment’ that will connect New Zealand to the global social finance market
  • Key corporate partners exploring global partnership with SEWF.