"I will be attending SEWF 2018 as I saw first-hand [in Christchurch] how much we can learn and gain from spending time with other people making change around the world. The experience of networking and collaborating with other social enterprise leaders has fundamentally changed the way I think about my social enterprise. Although we are a small enterprise in the West of Scotland we are very much part of a global community of social enterprises, and my experience at SEWF has been transformational. It is an experience which will change your perceptions and invigorate and challenge you in a way that no other event of its kind will."
Michelle Ferguson, Scotland's Bravest Manufacturing Company
"I think we all want something bigger, we all want to be part of something that makes a difference and literally changes the world; if we didn’t, we certainly would not be in this business. Surrounded by these impressive men and women from around the world, I truly felt part of something way bigger than myself and DC Central Kitchen. Even though I knew I was going back to the crazy that is the United States of America these days, I felt good knowing that there is hope, there is good, and if we continue to work together, we’re all going to find it. I hope you will join us this year to mark the 10th anniversary of the Forum but also to celebrate the amazing work that is happening around the world to make our shared communities better, fairer, more welcoming, and more inclusive for everyone. "
Mike Curtin, DC Central Kitchen
"SEWF 17 was the best conference I have ever been to. It was inspiring, informative and the connections we made helped us close nearly $2m of new investment. I’m thoroughly looking forward to Edinburgh, and encourage anyone with a will to make the world better to attend! "
Ben Gleisner, Conscious Consumers, New Zealand
"SEWF is a great platform to bring together different players in the social enterprise system. That's the thing about social enterprise - it is its own sector with dozens of key stakeholder groups, from the enterprise themselves, through to funders, Government, investors, service providers, sector support agencies, community, and all those that sit along the supply chain. Imagine having them all in the same space to dream together, share learning and build relationships. That is what SEWF is about. That and a decent serving of experienced and inspirational social enterprise leaders sharing what they're doing around the world to create change in their communities and enable system-level change. "
Shay Wright,Te Whare Hukahuka, New Zealand
"I ran a non-profit recycling organization in Colorado and always felt alone and unsupported until I found this conference called the Social Enterprise World Forum. Suddenly I was meeting others like me from around the world and it really blew my mind and changed my career trajectory. Now I am always urging others from the U.S.A. to join me at this conference because we have so much to learn from what the rest of the world is doing with this new thing called "for-profit social enterprise." This year the SEWF is in Scotland, the world's leader in social enterprise, and it is going to be amazing! ."
Eric Lombardi, Eco-Cycle International, USA
"Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 was an incredible experience that I wish I could live over again. It was inspiring and humbling at the same time to have such a huge number of knowledgeable leaders of the social enterprise sector together in one place, along with representatives from sectors that are critical to support the growth of social enterprise. "
Julia Jackson, Kiwibank Limited, New Zealand
"There’s not a chance in the world that I would miss SEWF 2018, 2017 was that good "
Alex McCall, Choice, New Zealand
"The Social Enterprise World Forum is a deep learning experience; you find sparks of ideas, concepts, opportunities and business models that you’ve perhaps never ever considered. And then there’s the energy – there’s nothing better to remind you that this a movement than the sheer palpable levels of energy and excitement. After 10 years of attending, I still can’t get enough and can’t recommend it highly enough."
Peter Holbrook, SEUK