Tricia Hiley

Co-founder | The Mallacoota Wilderness Collective Inc | Australia

Dr Tricia Hiley is from Mallacoota in far-east Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Her focus is ‘future-proofing’ her community. As Coordinator of Mallacoota’s Sustainable Energy Group, Tricia is assisting her community in becoming energy-resilient. She recently led Mallacoota’s first community-owned solar installation at the local water treatment plant. She is a founding partner of The Mallacoota Wilderness Collective Inc, formed post-bushfires to facilitate a self-determined, sustainable future for the Mallacoota community through the catalysts of enterprise, education, co-working and community collaboration. She also hosts a weekly program “From Little Things…” on community radio station 3MGB Wilderness Radio.