Tiemen ter Hoeven

Founder & CEO | Roetz-Bikes | The Netherlands

Tiemen ter Hoeven is the founder and CEO of Roetz-Bikes. Founding Roetz-Bikes in 2011 with the dual mission of social inclusivity and circularity, Tiemen has driven social and sustainable change for over a decade. Bringing a circular automotive concept to the bicycle industry, Tiemen set a basis for what is now an established circular bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands. In 2015, Roetz set up their first Fair Factory in Amsterdam, which paved the way for today’s active social training programme that has created a safe place to work, guiding and matching people to jobs in the bicycle industry in the Netherlands. With a major step in innovation, Roetz recently launched the Life modular e-bike, a circular answer to the ongoing and waste-generating e-bike boom.