Simon Fenech

General Manager | Fruit2work | Australia

Simon’s white-picket fence lifestyle was destroyed when he suffered a workplace injury in 2008. That injury led to a life-changing decision. Unable to find relief with prescription medications and physical therapy, he resorted to methamphetamine (ICE) to ease his chronic pain. The following years saw him fall into chronic drug addiction and a life of crime to feed his habit until he was sentenced to 12 months in prison in 2016. After release, he struggled to find somewhere decent to live or a job. As soon as employers saw he had a criminal record they closed the door on him. His life changed again, this time for the better when he was hired by Fruit2Work, a Melbourne based social enterprise that offers employment opportunities and peer mentoring to people with a criminal record. He was able to start rebuilding his life and grow from one of F2Ws first delivery drivers to its General Manager.