Shila Ukumbini Salim

Team Lead | Youth For Sustainable Development- Kilifi | Kenya

Shila Salim is the Team Lead of the Youth Sustainable Development Kilifi Chapter in Kenya. This youth-led organisation creates a safe, empowering, and enabling environment for sustainable development through four thematic areas of gender, health, social accountability, peace and security. Shila was instrumental in the launch of a campaign called #VolunteerAgainstCovid19 to mobilise the Kilifi community in COVID-19 response efforts targeting motorbike riders as behaviour change ambassadors to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the county of Kilifi, Kenya, as well as to share prevention tips and mental health and resilience support during this pandemic by developing key COVID-19 targeted material such as posters, infographics, social media activation posts as well as videos to illustrate important COVID-19 messages and radio activation programmes in the local community radio station. Her campaign has already reached 15,000 people in Kilifi, and her goal is to reach 100,000 more community members.