Sharon Ede

Senior Adviser, Transformation & Innovation | Green Industries SA | Australia

Sharon Ede is the Senior Adviser, Transformation and Innovation, at Green Industries SA, the South Australian government’s lead agency for circular economy. She has 30 years of grassroots and government experience in sustainability-related roles. These range from research and policy to communication and behaviour change, as a writer, speaker and activist. She volunteered for five years in the ecological city movement in the 1990s, and has expertise in Ecological Footprint, sustainability communication, and post-growth, regenerative economics. In her government role, she has advocated for establishing a community based ‘makerspace’, the mapping of community sharing initiatives, and funding for a ‘circular social enterprise’ incubator which supports those with ideas at the nexus of circular economy and purpose-first business. She is an award-winning author, with her self-published book described by one reader as ‘like reading a Masters of Environment course in a novel.’