Sabrina Chakori

Founder and PhD candidate | Brisbane Tool Library / University of Queensland | Australia

Sabrina holds a BSc. in Biology, an MSc. in Environmental Economics, and she is currently finishing a PhD research that explores food systems within a degrowth economy. She is an associate lecturer (University of Queensland) coordinating a course that focuses on e-tech for ecological and social well-being in food systems.
Sabrina has advocated for a more sustainable society, leading numerous collaborations in various countries, including an initiative with Queensland’s Environment Minister to introduce a law banning single-use plastic bags. In 2017, to reduce consumerism and productivism, she founded the Brisbane Tool Library, a social enterprise that encourages people to borrow various items. The Brisbane Tool Library is Australia’s first and only ‘library of things’ located within a public library – State Library of Queensland.
Sabrina is a multi-award social entrepreneur, researcher, educator and most of all, activist fully invested in building a socially just and ecologically sustainable post-growth society.