Robert Pekin

CEO | Food Connect Shed | Australia

A born trouble maker both for himself and the ‘business as usual’ system that needs to be re-imagined Robert has spent a lifetime doing things differently and with passion. Robert crowd funded the social enterprise Food Connect in 2005 by raising over $50k selling food boxes in advance long before it was a thing and Facebook was around. Together with his partner Emma-Kate in 2018 they successfully raised over $2 million to purchase the Food Connect Shed from 520 of their customers and close supporters. The Food Connect Shed is now home to over 40 enterprises and is one of the innovative demonstrations of community owned, place based regenerative buildings and leasing structures principally focused on supporting female social entrepreneurship and empowerment around regional food system transition. Robert is the CEO of the Food Connect group of entities and sits on numerous Boards including the Sustainable Table Trust one of the most innovative finance intermediaries in Australia.