Polly Chapman

Founder CEO | Impact Hub Inverness | UK

Pollyanna has worked in research, policy and delivery with universities, local authorities and Scottish government. This includes creating the Highlands and Island Social Enterprise Zone (HISEZ) in 2003, in which she chaired the board when social enterprise was barely known in Scotland. She has worked for HISEZ since 2011, winning contracts and supporting social entrepreneurs across Scotland. She co-founded Impact Hub Inverness in 2017, which is now the trading arm of HISEZ. She has delivered capacity building support across the Impact Hub network, including for IH Accra, Joburg, Kyoto and Pnomh Pehn, and onboarding over ten new IH teams. Polly has been CEO of Impact Hub Inverness since 2018 and delivers business support for social enterprises from start up through growth.