Paula Woodman

Global Head of Social Enterprise | British Council |

Paula leads the British Council’s Global Social Enterprise programme, which promotes the development of social enterprise and investment to help address entrenched social and environmental problems, build trust between the UK and other countries, and support more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous societies. Introduced in over 20 countries and delivered with the support of local and international partners, the programme works to improve the ecosystem that social enterprises face in their country. This includes business development and finance, general awareness, as well as understanding from the government. Paula has over 20 years of experience in enabling a more impactful business environment, including creating an evidence base, mainstreaming the agenda within education, and innovating in the area of ethical consumer labels. She has been awarded as a WISE100, recognising her achievements as a leader in the social enterprise movement. Paula is a visiting fellow at the University of London and sits on the steering group for ‘The Future of the Corporation’ challenge from the British Academy. Previously she co-founded a UK-wide social enterprise, as well as having led as a Director at a social enterprise infrastructure organisation.