Mackenzie Akin

Executive Director | Carleton Road Industries Association | Canada

Mackenzie Akin resides in Paradise with his wife and two children. He has always had a strong interest in helping others in his community; he decided to return to NSCC and graduated with a diploma in Human Services. His journey began with Carleton Road Industries Association (CRIA). Commencing his career with CRIA in 2001 as the instructor of their woodworking shop, Mackenzie remained in that position until 2009, when he became the Director of Client Services. He soon after was promoted to Acting Executive Director, until graciously accepting his current position in 2010 as Executive Director. In addition to ensuring that all of CRIA’s programs promoting inclusion and meaningful employment for its many participants continues, Mackenzie also enabled the non-profit to obtain the contract to operate the local gas bar, flyer delivery service, as well as the recent endeavours to manage the local post office, bottle depot, thrift store and diner.