Lucretia de Jong

CEO and Founder | Social Outcome Solutions Pty Ltd | Australia

Lucretia de Jong is the CEO and Founder of Social Outcome Solutions (SOS) , a social enterprise that specialises in social procurement and environmental advisory. Their aim is to eliminate all barriers to market and simplify the social landscape, optimising community and industry outcomes alike, through the delivery of their FREE SOS Social Procurement (transactional) platform.

SOS brings collaborative, commercially viable and innovative, social impact solutions to support sustainable growth across all target sectors. SOS also understands the impacts, needs and complexities to innovate and deliver industry or construction focussed solutions, in alignment with local, national and international policies and frameworks.

Their team specialises in government Infrastructure compliance, social procurement resourcing, implementation, capability building, reporting and auditing, within the all industry sectors. This allows the integration of social licence, and value capture creation and enables SOS to provide free capability building to deliver a sustainable and equitable return on investment for all stakeholders.