Lokesh Sambhwani

Co-founder | Recube | India

Lokesh is one of the Co-Founders of Recube – a social enterprise that creates innovative packaging systems to tackle wastage. He has been an integral part of multiple social initiatives before starting his journey with Recube. He helped over 25+ Villages get access to clean and safe drinking water, installed solar lighting in places where people had not seen the light before and provided young entrepreneurs with seed capital to start their businesses. Lokesh also headed the Rotaract Movement – A Not for Profit Youth Wing of Rotary Club in Mumbai and led a team of 500 people to great success. With a Bachelor in Management Studies (Commerce) from H.R. College, His journey with Recube and his four friends at the age of 21. In 3 months, they have eliminated over 10MN single-use disposables from entering the landfill and are now focused on making sustainability convenient and affordable for everyone.