Linh Do Ngoc Bao

Co-Founder | ESG School | Vietnam

Ms Linh Do Ngoc Bao, based in Vietnam, has been involved in numerous extracurriculars and leadership roles throughout her career. She has been a part of her school’s Student Council since primary school, and she has recently accepted the role of Prefect and Co-Head of the Department of Social Awareness. For her work in social impact, she was invited by Learning Planet Festival 2023, co-organised by UNESCO, to partake in the global ASPIRE 2030 campaign for youth health and empowerment as a youth ambassador.

Linh’s main goal is to pursue interdisciplinary education. With an interest in humanities and social sciences, specifically psychology, Linh aspires to improve people’s mental health. She also believes social entrepreneurship is a complementary pathway to accomplish this goal, and as such co-founded the ESG School with global peers.