Kene Turner

Director, National Postsecondary & Alumni Programs | The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship | USA

Kene specialises in the Development and Implementation of community-based programmes geared towards the economic development of under-resourced communities. Kene is also a business education training specialist with 15+ years of experience in business education services’ design, delivery, and administration. He also has experience working with academic institutions and business entities, focusing on business education, workforce development, and community development, both in New York and Los Angeles. Kene has helped NFTE’s Los Angeles region expand its program offerings in the past several years while providing leadership and innovation. Kene has also successfully trained and supported educators internationally in areas such as China, India, and Hiroshima, Japan. These and other efforts have helped keep Kene’s passion centred around the importance of entrepreneurship as a solution to economic development in disadvantaged communities.