Kate Sutton

Head of the Innovation Centre | UNDP | New Zealand

Kate is the Head of the Innovation Centre for the UNDP Asia Pacific Region which stretches from Samoa to Iran. She is an accomplished senior leader with extensive international experience leading innovation and entrepreneurship in the African, European and Pacific regions. Prior to the UNDP, Kate was Head of Corporate Social Innovation at the UK’s Innovation Foundation, Nesta where she was responsible for shaping and leading programmes with the private sector for social change and building cross-sector partnerships. Prior to that Kate founded a business and development consultancy in Malawi, Africa where she established an entrepreneurship accelerator and impact investment fund, before that she worked across the Pacific region running cross-sector partnership programmes.
Kate is a current BMW Foundation Global Leader and has a successful governance career. Kate holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cranfield University (UK) and a Masters of Arts (MA) in Politics from the University of Auckland (New Zealand).