Kara Bobroff

Director | One Generation / Native American Community Academy (NACA) | USA

Kara Bobroff (Navajo/Lakota), Ed.S., is a lifelong educator, leader, and activist with more than 25 years of experience serving her community. As the Executive Director of One Generation, she supports local communities in transformative solution-building that reflects Indigenous values and builds on community assets. In this role, she brings resources, technical assistance, and high-impact practices rooted in equity to locally-led programs and initiatives in such sectors as education, land access, food sovereignty, language preservation and revitalization, and youth development. Kara’s work builds on her career in education, most recently as Deputy Secretary of Identity, Equity, and Transformation for the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED). At NMPED, Kara led the state’s work in promoting student learning and growth aligned with the intent of the Hispanic Education Act, Indian Education Act, and Bilingual-Multicultural Education Act.