Juvita Tatan Wan

Co-Founder | The Tuyang Initiative | Malaysia

Juvita Tatan Wan is the producer and co-founder of The Tuyang Initiative, a Sarawak-based community-led arts management company and social enterprise focusing on upskilling Borneo indigenous (Dayak) cultural guardians through industry participation. Bringing her professional experience from an international advertising agency, telecommunications company and major music label into Tuyang, helps her and the team to think locally and act globally.

Juvita is a Kenyah, one of the many smaller Dayak groups in Borneo and she enjoys actively sharing her experience and observations on issues affecting indigenous communities as well as her method of working through international forums and digital discussion spaces. She was featured in talks and panel discussions on platforms like UNDP’s Indigenous Youth Social Entrepreneurship Regional Dialogue (2020), Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (2020 & 2021), Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative Boot Camp, George Town Literary Festival, The Page Is Not Your Colony podcast (2021) and many more.