Joe Kwon

Founder | Convict Fitness | Australia

Joe is a social entrepreneur and the Founder of Convict Fitness and ConFit Pathways. He is a passionate advocate for reducing recidivism in Australia and is renowned for his innovative approach to helping formerly incarcerated individuals to find a sense of belonging in society through mentorship around fitness.

Joe grew up in a marginalised community full of violence and negativity and a life of crime seemed like a natural path. At the age of 21, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for directing a criminal enterprise. During his sentence, he was fortunate enough to meet his first positive mentor who taught him the value of education, business and most importantly self-worth. Today instead of directing a criminal enterprise, he is the founder of a social enterprise, creating fitness communities to break down social stereotypes about people with lived prison experience.

Joe is a 2022 Westpac social fellow, 2022 Snow entrepreneur and features in Men’s Health Fitness as a trainer.