Hamed Ahmadi

Founder | Orient Experience and Africa Experience | Italy

Hamed Ahmadi (born in Afghanistan), founded Orient Experience and Africa Experience two restaurants based on the culinary travel experience of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, which also provide employment. After spending his childhood and adolescence in Iran, Hamed returned to Afghanistan where he developed a passion for cinema.. Many extremists in Afghanistan did not approve of the film, and he was forced to seek political asylum in Italy. Here he worked a variety of jobs until he became a Cultural and Linguistic Mediator, where he met a number of young refugees who, unlike him, had to go through a strenuous and dangerous journey to reach Italy. Their experience –  joined a common interest for food and cuisine –  let them create a journey menu, made up of their childhood meals, mixed with recipes of the countries they crossed during their migratory paths. Today, the enterprise is led by 11 partners of from different countries, cultures and languages; it has 16 employees and 7 interns.