Ellen Brudet

CEO & Founder | Colourful Goodies | The Netherlands

Ellen Brudet is the CEO and Founder of Colourful Goodies. Ellen is the daughter of a white Dutch mother and a black Surinamese father. She was born and raised in Amsterdam North. As a young girl, Ellen’s mother could not find a doll that looked like her. In 2006, Ellen started her business as not much had changed. First to fill a gap for children of colour but soon realised the need for all children. Dolls with Down Syndrome, Vitiligo and Albinism are no exception. With the dolls, Ellen wants to contribute to an honest reflection of society. Because of all her wonderful and necessary initiatives, she received various awards and media attention and was nominated for “Amsterdammer of the Year” in 2021. Her first children’s book was published in August 2023.