Dr. Alisha Jean-Denis

Youth To The Font Fund Director | We Are Family Foundation | USA

Alisha (she/her) is a Black mother, published scholar, educator and international activist. She is dedicated to driving the conversation on race, gender and geography within historically White, private secondary schools across the United States. Named one of Connecticut’s 40 Women to Watch for the next 40 Years, Alisha has held positions in educational institutions and nonprofit organiSations, focusing on urban education and policy reform.
With a PhD in Social Justice Education, Alisha has contributed substantial research on anti-Blackness, particularly in education systems. Her doctoral research examines Black girlhood studies, Black geographies and elite schools and explores the act of a witness in response to anti-Blackness, and the role of a witness in paving a path forward for humanity. She poses the question, “What are we called to when we witness?”.