Didas Mzirai

President & CEO | Mucho Mangoes Ltd | Kenya

Didas Mzirai is an Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur and Former National Youth Leader in Kenya. He is a Mandela Washington Fellow in The US State Department’s Young African Leaders Initiative, a brainchild of former President Barrack Obama to empower a new crop of Young African Leaders as they transform their Societies and Nations.
Mzirai is a rapidly rising Young Global Leader who is highly passionate about Youth and Women Empowerment and whose work in Empowering Rural smallholder farmers in Kenya has already gained him international acclaim. His Social Enterprise, Mucho Mangoes Ltd, has won several awards, including The SME of the Year Award 2019 in Kenya.
He is a USIP Generation Change Fellow and a former UNLEASH + Facilitator. UNLEASH is the Global Innovation Lab for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.