Cameron Campbell

Founder CEO | STAT SALUS | United Kingdom

At the age of 13, Cameron was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease; an incurable Bowel Condition. A lack of basic Toilet Hygiene products in public made leaving the house extremely difficult for him. This heightened his awareness of the ‘silent sufferers’ of other bowel conditions such as IBD, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis and Bowel Cancer, who live with a hidden disability. This is why Cameron launched STAT SALUS; to provide free Toilet Hygiene products to those with Bowel/Bladder conditions who are unable to access them readily. Cameron’s targeted support helps liberate these individuals, increase their ability to socialise and reduce the social stigma regrettably directed towards them and their illnesses. Cameron attended Strathclyde Business School where he graduated in International Business Management with Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has studied and worked Internationally in places such as China, USA, Spain, UAE and Australia.