Azima Dhanjee

CEO/Co-founder | ConnectHear | Pakistan

Azima Dhanjee is a Child of Deaf Adult (CODA), Co-founder/CEO of ConnectHear, the National Youth Delegate at the Commonwealth Youth Council and a member of the National Youth Council (an initiative by the Prime Minister of Pakistan). She is an alumna of the Institute of Business Administration (Class of 2020), with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. 

Azima is raised by Deaf parents and Pakistani Sign Language (PSL) is her mother tongue. Growing up, she was always troubled by how simple communication was a challenge for the Deaf due to the language barrier. The lack of awareness and accessibility with regards to the Deaf community led her to initiate and manage “ConnectHear” along with her two high school friends. “ConnectHear” is a social enterprise that strives for sign language accessibility and Deaf inclusion of the Deaf community in Pakistan by utilizing technology.