Arhum Ishtiaq

Co-founder/CTO | ConnectHear | Pakistan

Arhum is a student researcher, consultant, and social entrepreneur. He is a Digital Media Consultant for American Councils and the co-founder/CTO of Pakistan’s most considerable deaf accessibility and sign language literacy service provider, ConnectHear. Through ConnectHear, Arhum has impacted and improved accessibility for tens of thousands of lives across the nation by using his expertise in both technology and digital media. Beyond that, Arhum’s primary interest lies in extending the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for social development. His current area of research is enabling advanced computer vision capabilities on limited compute. In his free time, Arhum documents his quirky A.I. misadventures on “A.I. does A.I.” ( and all his serious research work on Google Scholar ( He is also one of Pakistan’s first-ever Diana Award recipients and was recently recognized as the Global Champion by the World Summit Awards in their Young Innovators category.