Ailsa Clark

Founder and Development Manager | Inspiralba | Scotland

Born and raised in Argyll, with experience working locally, nationally and in Australia, South Africa and Thailand. Ailsa Clark founded Inspiralba in 2009, recognising the passion and determination in rural communities and the significant hoops and bureaucracy people have to navigate. She has been able to bring experience from income generation, running business, networking and community development into practice through the business and project management support Inspiralba provide for social and community enterprises across Argyll and the Islands. She has also provided an advocacy role for rural social enterprise recognising that over a third of Scotland’s social enterprises are in rural communities. As such, she was able to secure support from the Scottish Government in 2019 to establish to support networking, collaboration, information and learning resources for the rural social and community-led enterprise bringing experience and connections from across Europe and further afield.