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SEWF welcomes two new Board Members

by Mirabelle Morah / December 2021

As the leading agency for the social enterprise movement, the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is pleased to welcome two (2) new Board Members ⏤ Azima Dhanjee from Pakistan and Sebastián Gatica from Chile ⏤ to the SEWF Board of Directors, while also bidding farewell to David LePage from Canada and Jae-Gu Kim from South Korea, both of whom until recently, were on the SEWF Board.

SEWF Chair, Hélène Malandain, has also thanked David LePage and Jae-Gu Kim for their contribution to enhancing the mission and the work of SEWF.

SEWF Managing Director and Founder, Gerry Higgins, noted that

David has been contributing to SEWF since the original event in Edinburgh in 2008 when SEWF was formed to strengthen and grow the global social enterprise movement internationally. David’s expertise and commitment have helped SEWF evolve in line with the needs of the social enterprise movement and his contribution over 14 years has been enormous. However, our collaboration with David and Jae-Gu doesn’t stop here as we will continue to grow regional social enterprise communities and thematic areas of expertise in 2022 and beyond,” Gerry explains.

Hélène, SEWF Chair also mentioned that the SEWF Board is delighted to welcome Azima Dhanjee and Sebastián Gatica to the Board of Directors as they not only will bring fresh perspectives and unique knowledge to inform the work of the organisation but also, their appointments mark an important diversity milestone as this new SEWF Board has young social enterprise leaders and representatives from six continents to reflect the composition of the global social enterprise movement.

“I look forward to their insights as we work together to support and serve our diverse community of practitioners”, says Hélène.

New Board Members

Speaking on her feelings about being the youngest SEWF Board Member, Azima remarked that she is proud to have grown alongside SEWF.

“I’m proud to have grown alongside SEWF; starting from being a speaker, then a youth advisor and now a member of the Board. I am honoured by the trust of all who selected me to serve social enterprises through this platform. And I look forward to wearing multiple hats while in the role: to be the voice of youth, women, marginalized groups and developing countries around the world!”

At SEWF, our goal is not to propose a set of rules but rather, we want to facilitate a conversation and promote a greater understanding of social enterprise, respecting the efforts of all of those who work towards sustainable and inclusive economic development. SEWF exists to grow the global social enterprise movement and to accelerate our transition to a new global impact economy.

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Mirabelle Morah is the community and communications manager at SEWF