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SEWF 2021 Theme: Indigenous-led social enterprise

by Helen Harvey / September 2021

Community consultation is crucial, respectful and a must do. Work with the community to define the opportunity or issue to solve. The first thing I would do is ask the community what they need and want. – Carolann Harding, Executive Director, SmartICE

SEWF 2021 is co-hosted by Common Good Solutions in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia), shining a spotlight on Canada. One of the key themes of SEWF 2021 is Indigenous-led community and social enterprise, a theme that will continue on to SEWF 2022 where we will be co-hosted by White Box Enterprises in Australia. 

“While we cannot meet in-person we acknowledge that we gather virtually in Mi’kma’ki on the unceded and unsurrendered land of Mi’kmaq people. At Common Good Solutions we make this acknowledgement because our aim as a social enterprise is to help deepen community connections and become a greater force for social good. Acknowledging that the foundation our community is built upon is rooted in inequity and injustice is the first step we must take to move toward a more equitable and just future”. David Upton, CEO, SEWF 2021 Co-host Common Good Solutions

“Working under the social enterprise lens we work towards common goals and values of community.  The choice of a social enterprise business model is consistent with Inuit societal values, such as caring for the environment and community, and being innovative and resourceful. It also commits to maximising social impact and improving employment prospects for Inuit youth”. – Carolann Harding, Executive Director, SmartICE

SEWF 2021 is thrilled to have the following outstanding examples of Indigenous-led community and social enterprises sharing insights on topics and sessions including

  • Youth Forum and SEWF 2021 opening with Stephen Augustine, Hereditary Chief of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council 
  • Opening fireside with SmartICE, an award-winning social enterprise that combines Inuit knowledge and technology to monitor sea-ice, preserve local cultures and provide employment.
  • Education for a sustainable future featuring Kara Bobroff, founder of The Native American Community Academy (NACA)
  • Spotlight on social enterprises in the cultural economy featuring social enterprises working to promote the conservation of creative and cultural traditions with K’odi Nelson, Executive Director of Nawalakw and Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna’i founder of Flying Geese. 
  • Addressing the social finance gap – alternative approaches featuring Chris Googoo, Chief Operating Officer of Ulnooweg and Carly Mohamed, board member of First Australians Capital
  • Addressing the social procurement supply and demand dilemma featuring Frae Cairns, Capability Manager of Amotai
  • The future of business with an Indigenous vision closes day 1 featuring Thomas Benjoe, President and CEO of FHQ Developments, Jace Meyer, Executive Director of the Indigenous Innovation Institute and Jirra Harvey, Director of Kalinya
  • Young and engaged – changing the way the world does business closes day 2 and features young social entrepreneurs from Canada, Bangladesh and Australia including Rona Glynn-McDonald, CEO of Common Ground.
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Helen Harvey is SEWF's Event Director