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SAP: The competitive advantage of social procurement

by Helen Harvey / April 2020

Corporate procurement is quickly becoming one of the main areas of interest for companies committed to social change and to positively impacting people and the planet. SAP has been leading the charge, demonstrating how integrating social enterprises into corporate supply chains can create added value for companies and communities.

In a recent blog SAP detailed their commitment to social enterprises and how their commitment to social procurement provides the company with a competitive advantage. By doing good, they are also doing well. SEWF’s Managing Director Gerry Higgins commented on the additional value social enterprises can add to traditional business purchasing criteria like pricing and quality. “‘If a city with youth unemployment challenges evaluates construction bids based in part, on the potential for greater community benefits, we’ve seen commercial companies commit to training qualified apprentices, instead of using cheap labor from somewhere else,’ [Higgins] said.”

Read more about SAP’s commitment to social procurement around the world and discover how SEWF is partnering for impact with SAP and other organisations that share our vision for a new global impact economy.

Helen Harvey is SEWF's Event Director