Rural Manifesto: A call for global collaboration 

by Eadie Pfahlert / March 2024

Join the conversation: Help us shape the future of rural social enterprise

Join us in the Rural Manifesto discussions. This Manifesto aims to influence rural communities, enterprise practitioners, impact investors and government bodies. Rural communities face unique challenges. They should be actively involved in creating and implementing policy. We want to co-create solutions that address those issues, thus unlock opportunities for growth and revival.

Express your interest

Your voice matters

We want to hear and include the voices of rural communities from all corners of the globe. We invite you to share your expertise, insights and perspectives. They will enrich the dialogue and shape the future of rural social enterprise policy.

Cultivating legacy: Building on the foundation of the 2022 Rural Gathering

Our work stems from the 2022 Rural Gathering we organised with the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE). The 2022 Rural Manifesto reflects the collective wisdom and aspirations of the participants. We appreciate and recognise the hard work of everyone involved. Their dedication has laid a solid foundation upon which we seek to build a more globally representative document. We aim to align with global goals and values and advocate for policy recommendations that amplify the voices of those in rural areas.

Are you interested in contributing? Please fill out the expression of interest form. We will be in touch with further details about meeting dates and times.

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