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In this resource library you’ll find examples of social enterprise policies, strategies, and studies that capture national, regional, and local action on social enterprise development. This list is not exhaustive, but is intended to capture the essence of the vast policy developments and research around the world that is advancing the social enterprise movement.

Social Enterprises as Influencers of the Broader Business Community

DATE: 10/11/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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As highlighted by this research report from Social Enterprise Netherlands, social enterprises can lead the way toward a new economy. The report details wats social enterprises can fulfill their role as influencers of the broader business community.

Transforming Wales through Social Enterprise: 10-Year Vision and Action Plan

DATE: 15/07/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 5 MB

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Co-produced by social enterprises and social enterprise support agencies with the support of Welsh Government, ‘Transforming Wales through social enterprise’ outlines an ambitious vision which will see social enterprise become the business model of choice in Wales by 2030 for people and communities delivering solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges.

COVID-19 and the Impact on Social Enterprises in Wales

DATE: 29/05/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 8 MB

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Published by the Wales Co-operative Centre, this report highlights the effects of COVID-19 on social enterprises across Wales during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report identifies different ways in which social enterprises are responding including: survival, hibernation, diversification, transformation, and collaboration. Read a summary of the report on WCC’s website.

Roadmap to Recovery and Regeneration post COVID-19

DATE: 28/05/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 5 MB

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This research report from the Yunus Centre at Griffith University in Australia, is the first publication as part of a larger project that endeavours to chart a way forward in a post-pandemic world through collective engagement and envisioning. This report is not a blueprint for how innovators and decision makers must proceed to help us realise a global impact economy that works for all people and our planet, but rather it outlines a few approaches our communities may want to explore as we begin recovery and rebuilding together. Learn more about this project and report.

Building New Zealand’s Impact Economy

DATE: 12/05/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 5 MB

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In this report, the Ākina Foundation outlines a path New Zealand can take to truly establish an impact economy. The report includes definitions and plans for how it is equally possible to recover from poverty, inequality, and focus on pressing issues like climate change while New Zealand’s economy recovers from lockdown. In fact, this more comprehensive approach might be more than just possible; it might be essential.