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In this resource library you’ll find examples of social enterprise policies, strategies, and studies that capture national, regional, and local action on social enterprise development. This list is not exhaustive, but is intended to capture the essence of the vast policy developments and research around the world that is advancing the social enterprise movement.

The State of Social Enterprise in Singapore

DATE: 01/05/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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This report published in 2017 captures the vibrant and dynamic growth of the social enterprise sector in Singapore. Developed by raiSE, the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, the report presents findings developed from surveys of social enterprise across Singapore, other key stakeholders and the results of two public perception studies on social enterprise.

Social Enterprise in Scotland – Census 2019

DATE: 04/09/2019 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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Since 2015 Scotland has conducted a national social enterprise census to understand the evolution and needs of the sector. This census is used to directly inform policy and particularly the operationalisation of Scotland’s Social Enterprise strategy through action plans. The 2015, 2017, and 2019 Census documents and their summaries can be found here.

Finding Australia’s Social Enterprise Sector

DATE: 01/06/2010 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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This report documents the characteristics of Australian social enterprises, and explores the opportunities and challenges they face.

Exploring Social Procurement in Canada Report

DATE: 01/03/2014 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 598 KB

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This report explores the challenges and opportunities for social procurement in Canada.

United Kingdom Social Value Act

DATE: 01/03/2012 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 255 KB

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The U.K. Social Value Act is an example of a law aimed at encouraging those in commissioning, operational, and policymaking roles to consider social value in their specifications for services.

Scotland’s Procurement Reform Act

DATE: 17/06/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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This legislation addresses procurement for public bodies and organisations in Scotland including sustainability requirements and the procedures by which public contracts are awarded.

Glasgow City Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 10/09/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 878 KB

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This strategy developed by the Glasgow City Council in coordination with the Glasgow Social Enterprise Network and other key stakeholders is an example of a city developing a social enterprise strategy at the municipal level. In the case of Glasgow, Scotland, this strategy also complements a national strategy.

Queensland Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 01/08/2019 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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In 2019 the State Government developed a social enterprise strategy that primarily focused on three key areas: building capability and capacity, making connections, and improving market access.

Québec’s Social Economy Action Plan

DATE: 01/05/2015 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 9 MB

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Québec’s Action Plan supports their Social Economy Act. While the Action Plan is only available in French, the object of this Action Plan is to recognise the specific contribution of the social economy to the socio-economic development of Québec, in numerous sectors of activity and in all of Québec’s territories.

Manitoba’s Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 01/02/2015 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 275 KB

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The Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy (MSES) is a co-constructed strategy developed by Manitoba’s social enterprise sector and the Province of Manitoba, which aims to grow the sector and create more first jobs, noting the value and opportunity presented by social enterprise.

Victoria State Government Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 01/02/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 840 KB

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The Victorian social enterprise sector is recognised as the largest and most dynamic in Australia. It is estimated that there are currently more than 5,000 social enterprises trading across metropolitan and regional Victoria employing an estimated 75,000 people. This strategy represents the start of a stronger partnership, which will see the social enterprise sector grow, diversify, and become more robust as social enterprises play a key role in building social cohesion in Victoria.

Nova Scotia’s Social Enterprise Framework

DATE: 12/04/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 8 MB

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The Government’s Framework for Advancing Social Enterprise supports the vision of Nova Scotians for vibrant communities where individuals do not have to decide between doing business and helping people, but can instead leverage social enterprise as a tool to do both. To see this strategy in action, consider attending SEWF 2020 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland

DATE: 31/07/2019 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 2 MB

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This is the first government policy for social enterprise in the history of the State, which will enable social enterprise to grow in scale, support jobs, and make a positive impact on individuals and communities in both rural and urban areas.

Scotland’s first 3-Year Social Enterprise Action Plan

DATE: 01/04/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 555 KB

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Scotland’s current 3-year Action Plan is the first action plan that corresponds to their Ten Year Social Enterprise Strategy. The Action Plan operationalises many of the aspirations outlined in their Strategy.

Hidden Revolution – Size and Scale of Social Enterprise in UK

DATE: 19/09/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 4 MB

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The Hidden Revolution report shows that social enterprises contribute £60 billion to UK GDP compared to the previous estimate of £24 billion. Furthermore, there are over 100,000 social enterprises in the country, employing 2 million people. In total the sector accounts for 3% of UK GDP – that’s 3 times bigger than agriculture.

Early Opportunities: Cooperation Between Social Enterprises and Municipalities in the Netherlands

DATE: 01/03/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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This report improves understanding of the influence of municipalities on the development of social enterprises. It also explores the ways in which municipalities can more effectively encourage the development of social enterprises.

Newfoundland and Labrador Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 30/05/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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This Social Enterprise Action Plan aims to support the development, expansion and enhancement of social enterprises that benefit Newfoundland and Labrador.

Québec Social Economy Act

DATE: 01/06/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 154 KB

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Through this Act, the Parliament of Québec recognises the way social economy enterprises have been contributing to the development and socioeconomic vitality of Québec since the mid-19th century and underscores their commitment the sector. The Act also mandates the creation of an action plan to fully support sector development.

Corporate Social Procurement in Australia

DATE: 25/08/2013 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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This report from Social Traders in Australia captures the overwhelmingly positive experience of companies in procuring from social enterprises and other social-benefit suppliers.

Social Enterprise Mapping Project – Victoria, Australia

DATE: 12/11/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 5 MB

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This report was commissioned as part of the implementation of the Social Enterprise Strategy and provides the first ever baseline analysis of social enterprises in Victoria, with a particular focus on the size of the social enterprise population, its characteristics, and impacts.