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In this resource library you’ll find examples of social enterprise policies, strategies, and studies that capture national, regional, and local action on social enterprise development. This list is not exhaustive, but is intended to capture the essence of the vast policy developments and research around the world that is advancing the social enterprise movement.

Queensland Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 01/08/2019 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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In 2019 the State Government developed a social enterprise strategy that primarily focused on three key areas: building capability and capacity, making connections, and improving market access.

Glasgow City Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 10/09/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 878 KB

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This strategy developed by the Glasgow City Council in coordination with the Glasgow Social Enterprise Network and other key stakeholders is an example of a city developing a social enterprise strategy at the municipal level. In the case of Glasgow, Scotland, this strategy also complements a national strategy.

Québec Social Economy Act

DATE: 01/06/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 154 KB

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Through this Act, the Parliament of Québec recognises the way social economy enterprises have been contributing to the development and socioeconomic vitality of Québec since the mid-19th century and underscores their commitment the sector. The Act also mandates the creation of an action plan to fully support sector development.

Newfoundland and Labrador Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 30/05/2018 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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This Social Enterprise Action Plan aims to support the development, expansion and enhancement of social enterprises that benefit Newfoundland and Labrador.

Nova Scotia’s Social Enterprise Framework

DATE: 12/04/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 8 MB

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The Government’s Framework for Advancing Social Enterprise supports the vision of Nova Scotians for vibrant communities where individuals do not have to decide between doing business and helping people, but can instead leverage social enterprise as a tool to do both. To see this strategy in action, consider attending SEWF 2020 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.