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In this resource library you’ll find examples of social enterprise policies, strategies, and studies that capture national, regional, and local action on social enterprise development. This list is not exhaustive, but is intended to capture the essence of the vast policy developments and research around the world that is advancing the social enterprise movement.

Social Enterprises as Influencers of the Broader Business Community

DATE: 10/11/2020 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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As highlighted by this research report from Social Enterprise Netherlands, social enterprises can lead the way toward a new economy. The report details wats social enterprises can fulfill their role as influencers of the broader business community.

Scotland’s Procurement Reform Act

DATE: 17/06/2014 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 1 MB

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This legislation addresses procurement for public bodies and organisations in Scotland including sustainability requirements and the procedures by which public contracts are awarded.

Exploring Social Procurement in Canada Report

DATE: 01/03/2014 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 598 KB

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This report explores the challenges and opportunities for social procurement in Canada.

Corporate Social Procurement in Australia

DATE: 25/08/2013 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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This report from Social Traders in Australia captures the overwhelmingly positive experience of companies in procuring from social enterprises and other social-benefit suppliers.

United Kingdom Social Value Act

DATE: 01/03/2012 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 255 KB

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The U.K. Social Value Act is an example of a law aimed at encouraging those in commissioning, operational, and policymaking roles to consider social value in their specifications for services.