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In this resource library you’ll find examples of social enterprise policies, strategies, and studies that capture national, regional, and local action on social enterprise development. This list is not exhaustive, but is intended to capture the essence of the vast policy developments and research around the world that is advancing the social enterprise movement.

National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland

DATE: 31/07/2019 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 2 MB

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This is the first government policy for social enterprise in the history of the State, which will enable social enterprise to grow in scale, support jobs, and make a positive impact on individuals and communities in both rural and urban areas.

Scotland’s first 3-Year Social Enterprise Action Plan

DATE: 01/04/2017 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 555 KB

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Scotland’s current 3-year Action Plan is the first action plan that corresponds to their Ten Year Social Enterprise Strategy. The Action Plan operationalises many of the aspirations outlined in their Strategy.

Internationalising Social Enterprise in Scotland

DATE: 30/09/2016 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 6 MB

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Scotland has a long history of developing models of business for social good. Today, social enterprise continues to play a role in the economy and have a huge impact on communities all across Scotland. This document sets out the Scottish Government’s ambitions for international excellence, leadership, and impact in the social enterprise field. The strategy reflects partnership with Scottish Development International, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the British Council, and representatives from the social enterprise movement in Scotland. This strategy describes Scotland’s shared vision and collective commitment to internationalising social enterprise.

Scotland’s Ten Year Social Enterprise Strategy

DATE: 13/09/2016 TYPE: PDF SIZE: 3 MB

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This ten-year, national social enterprise strategy was co-produced with the Scottish social enterprise sector and sets out shared ambitions for social enterprise in Scotland. It provides a framework for action over the next decade.