Social procurement

Social procurement

When governments, public bodies and businesses buy goods and services from other businesses, they create economic value. When they buy from social enterprises, there is an additional social benefit. This is social procurement.

Social procurement has been expanding steadily in recent years – but there is huge potential for more. According to the World Bank, global procurement spending in 2019 was at least $14 trillion USD. Even a small percentage of this directed towards social procurement would have an enormous impact.

How SEWF engages with social procurement

Over the last decade, SEWF has worked with corporate partners, national and regional governments and social enterprise agencies to support the adoption of social procurement systems.

In 2020, we surveyed our stakeholders and found that 45% believe social purchasing and social procurement would have the biggest impact on the social enterprise sector in 2021. We are committed to actualising this impact and will continue to broker relationships, highlight best practice and share resources to develop more sustainable economies.

Social procurement resources

The SEWF Resource Library contains a growing number of resources relating to social procurement, including government strategies. These free resources are available to everyone to help accelerate the adoption of social procurement systems. Further resources are available exclusively to members of our Social Procurement Community of Practice.

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Building a global Social Procurement Community of Practice

Most social enterprise intermediaries have a local or national remit and struggle to support international requests for assistance or to stay informed of developments around the world. 

At SEWF, we are working with Euclid Network to convene stakeholdersdisseminate information and signpost those interested in social procurement to improve and accelerate the development of social procurement. We built the global Social Procurement Community of Practice (COP) to increase the capacity and capability of this sector in several key waysWe launched the COP on 27 April during the SEWF Policy Forum and those interested in joining the community can now apply!

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