Global mapping

The context for social enterprise is country-specific and often varies dramatically by geography within countries. As we build the global social enterprise movement we want to enhance our understanding of the complex environments in which social enterprise ecosystems operate.

In 2019 we outlined characteristics and features of social enterprise based on input from our global partners and stakeholders. By capturing more country specific  information through this global mapping project, SEWF will be better able to address the varied needs of social enterprises.

While this project is ambitious in its scale, our focus is largely on breadth. We attempt to understand the unique ways in which social enterprise is understood and operationalised in as many countries as possible and to capture the essence of the social enterprise ecosystem without reporting every detail.

Our global mapping project is ongoing and will report on:

  • recognition of social enterprise
  • popular terms for social enterprise
  • number of social enterprises, and
  • formal networks, legal structures, and strategies that exist to support social enterprises.

Soon we will be populating this website with information from our research.