Past Events

The aim of the SEWF Board since the organisation was established in 2008 has been to bring about powerful social enterprise movement development opportunities, catalysed by world leading events held across every continent.

From our very first event, we recognised the unique potential and momentum that the assembled community attending Edinburgh’s SEWF offered. We undertook to build on this,  exploring diverse social enterprise models, sharing and creating policy insights, bringing about unique networking and learning experiences – such that social entrepreneurs and policy shapers could connect, share and together grow the social enterprise movement.

We understood that opportunities existed to provide a truly global context to the sector, offering participants a platform to forge long-lasting relationships, draw on and share models of best practice and drive the social enterprise movement together. SEWF has responded to this opportunity and a tangible, growing legacy from past events continues to support our movement building work today.

Working with global movement leaders and expert practitioners, SEWF now continues to showcases the opportunities for, and remarkable potential of Government support, map out the sectors direct contributions to economic prosperity, describe the positive environmental impact made by social enterprise and illustrate powerfully the wealth of social issues our movement, in many guises, responds to.


  • Commitment to social justice;
  • Equality of opportunity;
  • Emphasis on education; and
  • Commitment to excellence.

This has been achieved through a collaborative partnership between SEWF CIC Board and each event host, who have jointly created challenging, topical programmes featuring local, national and international expertise; and appealing to social enterprise leaders, academics, national and international agencies and investors.

SEWF completed its continental tour in Asia in 2014, having held events across all continents by that date. In this time the event had gained international momentum in the social enterprise calendar and was recognised as a catalyst for change within the sector. The SEWF Board now accepts offers for event hosting based on a competitive evaluation process across the globe, rather than on a continental rotation.

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