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Employing Offenders is Still Considered a Risky Business

Posted by: Jo Seagrave / 09 September 2018

By David Parks The Skill Mill The three dimensions of crime, punishment and rehabilitation are generally considered to be the sole preserve of statutory law enforcement agencies; i.e. police, probation, courts and prison services. Of course, over time and space, all three dimensions will change; whether it’s crime types, attitudes towards punishment and how and when… Read more »

Changing lives through Social Enterprises in the UK and abroad

Posted by: Jo Seagrave /

By Ian Walker Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact At Johnson & Johnson, we launched our ‘Social Impact through Procurement’ programme in July 2014. The idea was to see how Johnson & Johnson procures its services and if any of these services could be purchased to have a greater benefit to society. Social… Read more »

The Distinction Between Ethical Business and Social Enterprise

Posted by: Jo Seagrave /

By Robin Fallas Partner, MacRoberts LLP   Well, the 2018 Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh is almost upon us and in the past month or so I have ventured through the development of the social enterprise spectrum over the last 10 years, from out and out regulated charities involved in trading and through various… Read more »

Social Enterprise is Becoming Mainstream

Posted by: Jo Seagrave /

by Duncan Thorp Policy and Communications Manager, Social Enterprise Scotland This piece originally appeared on PwC’s blog   A decade ago social enterprise existed at the fringes of Scottish society. Today, just ten years later, public awareness of social enterprise and political support have both grown rapidly. We’re now becoming mainstream. As the Social Enterprise… Read more »

Hey Girls is getting people talking about periods

Posted by: Jo Seagrave / 28 August 2018

by Tony Inglis for SEWF Media Partner INSP   Sitting in the café of Edinburgh’s National Portrait Gallery with Celia Hodson, surrounded by tourists, art lovers and some of the Scottish capital’s elderly community out for a spot of lunch, she has absolutely no qualms with talking, loudly and proudly, about a subject that, for… Read more »