A new era for social enterprise in Victoria

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Posted by: SEWF admin / 17 February 2017

Today’s launch of a new Social Enterprise Strategy by the Victorian Government is an exciting milestone for the future development and growth of social enterprise in Victoria and Australia.

I am pleased that social enterprise is being recognised as a legitimate and growing part of the Victorian economy, and am confident that this leadership will encourage other jurisdictions around Australia to follow.

The Strategy provides the framework for stronger growth of social enterprise across Victoria in the coming years by:

  • Removing a big policy vacuum, that will enable social enterprises to start-up and operate across the State within a far more positive and conducive environment
  • Raising the profile of social enterprise endorsing it as a valuable and important part of local communities
  • Committing to the development of a social procurement framework that will open up more contracts for social enterprise to purchase goods and services from Government

Over the last eight years, Social Traders has played an active role in raising the profile and supporting development of social enterprise thanks to seed funding from the Victorian Government and Dara Foundation. We strongly endorse the key elements of the Government’s Strategy, which builds on the existing base.

David Brookes, Managing Director

Victoria State Government Social Enterprise Strategy

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SEWF 2017 Programme Reveal!

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Posted by: SEWF admin / 31 January 2017

Akina Foundation have now launched the programme for this year’s SEWF in Christchruch New Zealand! Read below for more information.

The theme for SEWF 2017, “Ka koroki te manu – Creating our tomorrow”, is an invitation to create a global legacy of positive change and to take an active role in shaping the world’s future. Just as the first birdsong welcomes the potential of tomorrow, SEWF 2017 is a chance to come together and explore the endless possibility in ours.

Programme overview

The programme gives delegates a chance to personalise their experience, with multiple streams and activities to choose from. The various streams and the participative format of the forum will enable us to celebrate diversity, share real stories and insights, inform, inspire, educate and learn from each other.

This is an overview of the three days of the forum. More details about specific sessions or events will be released soon.

Check out our confirmed speakers – more of them will be announced soon!

View the Programme Overview

Find out more

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Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy

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Posted by: SEWF admin / 25 January 2017

Scotland’s new 10-year Social Enterprise Strategy was launched at the Grassmarket Community Project in Edinburgh on Wednesday 14 December, 2016.

The new strategy sets out a clear vision to ensure that our social enterprise business community thrives and grows over the next decade and beyond.

The strategy was produced in partnership with Scotland’s social enterprise support and development bodies and The Scottish Government.

In a joint statement, Pauline Graham, CEO of Social Firms Scotland, Aidan Pia, Executive Director of Senscot and Fraser Kelly, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise Scotland, said:

“Scotland is a recognised world leader in social enterprise support and development. The journey towards the launch of this ambitious strategy has been both rewarding and challenging. Our social enterprise community, stretching across every area of urban and rural Scotland, is diverse. This new strategy sets out a clear, powerful and inclusive vision for the growth of social enterprise over the next decade and beyond.”

Please click here to download the Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-26.

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A Tour of the “trending trajectory” of Social Purchasing!

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Posted by: SEWF admin / 17 January 2017

Social Purchasing is “Encouraging a shift towards procurement based on achieving multiple outcomes in addition to maximizing financial value.” (Social Procurement and New Public Governance: Barraket et al, 2016)

Social purchasing intentionally multiplies the social and economic ripples of existing purchasing from merely supplier benefits to community benefits.

This tour through social purchasing initiatives is an evolving ‘map’ as we go along the journey. We couldn’t cover every possible point of interest, so we tried to provide a good overview. Please send us any additions to the itinerary!

Why is the tour a ‘trending trajectory’?

A Trend is the prevailing tendency; changes in a situation or in the way that people are behaving; a direction in which something is developing.

A Trajectory is the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given force, a progression.

Background for the Tour

Social purchasing and Community Benefit Agreements are now moving beyond experiments. They are becoming innovative and effective implementations across multiple jurisdictions and locations. They are creating targeted employment opportunities, enhancing local economic development, and contributing to healthy communities. And through social purchasing social enterprises are seeing their sales opportunities increase, and their social impact grow.

In the spring of 2014 I published Exploring Social Procurement, which outlined opportunities and barriers to advance social purchasing, especially for governments. The paper noted that we were at an early development and emerging stage of social purchasing. (

Now just three years later Social Purchasing is on an amazing “trending” trajectory!

So, rather than me trying to write a comprehensive observation and analysis of what is evolving in social purchasing globally, let me just provide a tour of some quotes and quips. You can explore and see for yourself!

Read full Report here. (


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Social entrepreneurs in Ghana

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Social entrepreneurs in Ghana have been encouraged to use digital media to promote their business.

Young women entrepreneurs have underscored the importance of using digital media to creating visibility for their business, attracting new clients, investors and partners.

At a networking forum dubbed ‘Women Innovate: Digital’, by international NGO, Reach for Change with support from Women in Social Enterprise and telecom operator, Tigo, several women shared their positive experience on promoting their business through digital media.

Providing guidance on how social entrepreneurs’ can use digital tools to tell their stories’, the Creative Director and Founding Editor for, Jemila Abdulai, said it was important for social and digital entrepreneurs to own the narratives of their business.

“As young business women, we need to tell our story and control the narratives about our business, else other people will tell it and it may not be favourable to our business.”

She also said it was important for entrepreneurs to create a digital trail of all the amazing work that they do. This would help them raise the profile of their business, attract partnership or even funding from other bigger organisations.

Another Digital and Social entrepreneur and founder of Tatas and Friends and Go Digital Ghana, Caritas Naa Ayele Aryee, recounted how she started her business online and used social media to drive engagement, participation and raise funds for various deprived schools.

“With very limited budget I started Tatas and Friends and engaged digital influencers to help me build an online presence. I used my own story and my passion to help others to connect and engage with the followers I had built on social media. Together we created fantastic social media buzz about ‘Kenkey for the needy’ and got radio and television inviting us to come for live interviews”, she revealed.

Ms. Toyin Dania from Djembe Communications, a PR and Communications Consultancy, opined storytelling is a combination of marketing, public relations, sales and social responsibility. She was of the view that if it was employed effectively on digital platforms, it could be used to grow social enterprises and positively impact society.

The panel also educated participants on the do’s and don’ts of social media engagement and some of the digital and social tools they could employ to dictate the narrative about what they do and to create an advantage for their various brands.


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