Bottling the Wisdom from SEWF18

Bottling the Wisdom from SEWF18

Posted by: Jo Seagrave / 09 September 2018

By Stephanie Pronk

Director of Operations, Social Enterprise Institute


One of the most amazing parts of conferences, in my opinion, is connecting with people from widely different backgrounds and interests. Tapping into learning from different places and applying it back home in your own community.

You can also learn SO much from the trailblazers that have gone before you. Finding out what pitfalls to avoid and getting tips that will help you reach your goals faster.

That’s why the SEWF Masterclasses have been put together – to distil and bottle the wisdom of some of the world’s most inspirational and thought-provoking social entrepreneurs. It’s your concentrated blast of knowledge – you hear what these veterans think you should know, and what they wish they knew when they started.

Here’s an overview of the amazing people speaking at the Social Enterprise Institute Masterclasses:

Masterclass #1
Sept 12 at 9:00 in rm Sidlaw for the Young Talent Program| Chaired by Stephanie Pronk, Social Enterprise Institute
• Effective storytelling to build awareness – Andres Morales, Living in Minca/Minca Ventures (Colombia)
• Inspiration as an engagement strategy for social enterprise – Kelly Davies, Vi-Ability/More Than A Club (Wales)
• Leadership and learning for social entrepreneurs – Alastair Wilson, School for Social Entrepreneurs (UK)

Masterclass #2
Sept 13 at 11:45 in rm Tinto at the Social Enterprise World Forum| Chaired by Mike Kennedy of The Social Enterprise Institute
• Getting ready for social investment – Susan Aktemel, Homes for Good (Scotland)
• Crowdfunding for social enterprises – Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood (Australia)
• The importance of the right organisation structure – Duncan Osler, MacRoberts LLP (Scotland)

Masterclass #3
Sept 13 at 14:30 in rm Tinto at the Social Enterprise World Forum | Chaired by Lisa Lowthers of The Social Enterprise Institute
• Leveraging corporate and foundation partnerships – Mike Curtin, DC Central Kitchen (USA)
• Social innovation and innovative collaboration – Indy Johar, Dark Matter Labs (UK)
• Harnessing talent for social impact – SAP Social Sabbaticals – Alexandra van der Ploeg, SAP

Masterclass #4
Sept 14 at 11:45 in rm Tinto at the Social Enterprise World Forum | Chaired by Lauren Sears of The Social Enterprise Institute
• Marketing the social enterprise advantage – Kresse Wesling MBE, Elvis and Kresse (UK)
• Use of data to drive your business – Ben Gleisner, Conscious Consumers (New Zealand)
• Bridging the gender gap economically – Rania Ayman, Entreprenelle, (Egypt)

Masterclass #5
Sept 14 at 14:30 in rm Tinto at the Social Enterprise World Forum | Chaired by David Upton of The Social Enterprise Institute
• Connecting rural women with global markets – Yash Ranga, Jaipur Rugs (India)
• Stimulating social enterprise growth – the “Places” model – Sarah Crawley, iSE (UK)
• Mobilising rural communities for social action – Matt Pfahlert, ACRE (Australia)

Inspiration, passion, insights, tips, tricks … we’ll have it all.

It’s going to be so good we don’t want anyone to miss out! That’s why we’ll be recording every moment of every Masterclass, packaging them ALL up, and making them available for free online after the conference.

Can’t make the event? Don’t want to have to choose between sessions? Want to share the experience with everyone you work with back home?

Don’t worry, just sign up to be first to access the session recordings when they’re released:


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