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Meet the committees making SEWF 2022 a reality

by Mirabelle Morah / April 2022

As the Social Enterprise World Forum 2022 draws closer, it’s important to acknowledge the people behind the scenes who are working hard to make sure the event is a success when it lands in Brisbane later this year. 

Many of these hard workers are involved in SEWF committees and these committees are full of people from different areas of the social enterprise community who share their knowledge and expertise as they support the event as it comes to life. The committees are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee  
  • First Nations Advisory Committee 
  • SEWF Board of Directors 
  • SEWF 2022 Advisory Committee  
  • SEWF 2022 Youth Advisory Group 
  • Programming Committees

Diversity and Inclusion Committee  

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee identifies outcomes to support the diverse and inclusive growth of the entrepreneurial community, ensuring the event’s diversity and inclusion framework and principles from businesses and speakers are actively involved in the design and delivery of the event. This committee provides expertise and knowledge to help guide planning in the lead up to SEWF 2022.

First Nations Advisory Committee  

The First Nations Advisory Committee identifies outcomes to support the growth of the First Nations entrepreneurial community, ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, speakers and Traditional Custodians are actively involved in the design and delivery of the event. This committee provides expertise and cultural knowledge to help guide planning in the lead up to SEWF 2022.  

Objectives of the First Nations Advisory Community include (but are not limited to) developing a funding process to pay for travel and ticket expenses for First Nation entrepreneurs to attend the event, supporting regional/remote communities to gather locally and participate digitally, identifying language barriers and creating content in First Languages, and launching a First Nations Scholarship.  

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SEWF Board of Directors

Our goal at SEWF is not to propose a set of rules but rather, we want to facilitate a conversation and promote a greater understanding of social enterprise, respecting the efforts of all of those who work towards sustainable and inclusive economic development. Our diverse international board of directors share our vision and ensure that we reach our goals. 

SEWF 2022 Advisory Committee  

The SEWF 2022 Advisory Committee ensures the success of the forum and secures a strong event legacy which sees growth and development of the social enterprise ecosystem nationally and globally. The committee provides insights, advice, guidance and oversight across all key areas of SEWF 2022.    

SEWF 2022 Youth Advisory Group 

The SEWF Youth Advisory Group is made up of young social entrepreneurs from a diverse range of backgrounds, regions and sectors. The Youth Advisory Group ensures that the plans and programming for SEWF22 and the Youth Forum are inclusive, engaging and provide opportunities for more under-30 social entrepreneurs and practitioners from around the world to increase their social enterprise knowledge, access new resources, increase their network, be inspired and more. 

Australian Programming Committee  

The Australian Programming Committee works alongside the global SEWF Committee as they work to create a cohesive programme with different experiences and opportunities for participants to connect.  

The Australian members are responsible for different events within the Social Enterprise World Forum and are as follows:   

  • Policy Forum: Mark Daniels (White Box Enterprises) and Jess Moore (Social Enterprise National Strategy) 
  • Youth Forum: Tom Allen (Impact Boom) and Michael Lim (previously YLab) 
  • SEWF22: Mark Daniels (White Box Enterprises) and Liandra Gatkamanu (Impact North) 
  • Rural Gathering: Matt Pfahlert (ACRE)  
  • Academic Symposium: Ruth Knight (QUT)
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As these committees work together to create SEWF 2022, it’s exciting to see how their deep knowledge and insights shape the forum, creating an event that not only showcases the amazing work of the social enterprise community but strengthens it and feeds it for the next chapter.  

To be a part of the event in Brisbane, be sure to grab your ticket today. Digital passes are also available to make sure you don’t miss any of the action, no matter where you are in the world.

Advisory Committee

  • Tom Allen – CEO, Impact Boom – SEWF Advisory Chair 
  • Belinda Morrissey – CEO, English Family Foundation
  • Alex Hannant – Co-Director, Yunus Centre, Griffith University 
  • Dominiqe Bird – GM, SEWF 2022 (White Box Enterprises) 
  • Luke Terry – CEO, White Box Enterprises 
  • Mark Daniels – COO, White Box Enterprises 
  • Adrian Appo – Yajilarra Trust 
  • Elise Parups – CEO, Queensland Social Enterprise Council 
  • Ainsley Pope – APCollaborate – Observer 
  • Amber O’Meara – MinterEllison – Observer

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • Mathew Townsend – Nature Freedom 
  • Anja Christofferson – Champion Health Agency
  • Mikhara Ramsing – Miks Chai & Ethnic LGBT +  
  • Elise Stephenson – Social Good Outpost 
  • Sarai Tuuga – yourtown
  • Le Thy Nguyen – Ethni & lethyart

(Sub-committee / working group members)

  • Richard Warner – Nundah Co-Op & Community Living  
  • Brendon Charles Donohue – Independent representative  
  • Kelsey Chapman – Dignity Project Researcher, Hopkins Centre & Doctor of Philosophy at Griffith  
  • Kim Rollason-Nokes – Ethni  
  • Tony Burns – Multica

First Nations Committee

  • Terri Waller – SevGen  
  • Bianca Stawiarski – Warida Wholistic Wellness  
  • Liandra Gaykamangu – Liandra Swim / Enterprise Learning Projects  
  • Gaala Watson – Bimbi Love / Food Connect Foundation / UQ  
  • Rona Glynn-McDonald – Common Ground  
  • Adrian Appo – Yajilarra Trust / SEWF Advisory  
  • Greg Hodgkinson – First Innovators  
  • Natasha Short – Kimberley Jiyigas  
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SEWF Board of Directors (Global) 

  • Azima Dhanjee – ConnectHear (Pakistan) 
  • Sebastián Gatica – CoLab Innovación Social UC (Chile) 
  • Gerry Higgins – SEWF (Scotland) 
  • Huda Jaffer – Selco Foundation (India) 
  • Amanda Kiessel – Good Market (USA) 
  • Hélène Malandain – SEWF (New Zealand) 
  • Tizzita Tefera – Maisha Technologies (Ethiopia)
  • Charlie Wigglesworth – Social Enterprise UK (UK) 
  • Paula Woodman – British Council (UK) 

Programming Committee 

  • Policy Forum: Mark Daniels, White Box Enterprises and Jess Moore, Social Enterprise National Strategy 
  • Youth Forum: Tom Allen, Impact Boom and Michael Lim, previously YLab   
  • SEWF 2022: Mark Daniels, White Box Enterprises and Liandra Gatkamanu, Impact North  
  • Rural Gathering: Matt Pfahlert, ACRE  
  • Academic Symposium: Ruth Knight, QUT 

SEWF 2022 Youth Advisory Group (Global) 

  • Oluwatosin Ajibola – Welkom-U Inc (Canada) 
  • Angela Buscheska – EnRoute (Macedonia) 
  • Shomy Hasan Chowdhury – Awareness 360 (Bangladesh) 
  • Goto M Cooper – Educate the Future Liberia (Liberia)  
  • Brady Cronin – NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service / ACRE (Australia) 
  • Azima Dhanjee – ConnectHear (Pakistan) 
  • Matthew Goldsworthy – Youth Arts New Zealand (New Zealand) 
  • Tony Joy – Durian Nigeria (Nigeria) 
  • Michael Lim – previously YLab Global (Australia) 
  • Pablo Luengo Martin – Living Energy (Spain) 
  • Sarah Roberts – New Venture Marketplace (Canada) 
  • Savera Weerasinghe – Ananta Sustainables (Sri Lanka) 

– Written by SEWF 2022 Co-host, White Box Enterprises

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Mirabelle Morah is the community and communications manager at SEWF