Legacy of change

SEWF C.I.C. creates local impact within our global movement. Our world leading events held across every continent both develop the global social enterprise movement on an international scale and facilitate sustainable change on a local and national level.

Our first event in 2008 showcased the unique potential of convening the social enterprise movement. Since 2008 we: built on that momentum, developed networking opportunities, explored diverse social enterprise models, shared and created policies, and exchanged learning experiences. Our work allowed social enterprise leaders, practitioners, and policymakers to engage and grow the social enterprise movement.

When we began our work, the sector lacked global context. We responded by providing participants a platform to forge long-lasting relationships, draw on and share models of best practice, and drive the social enterprise movement together. Our legacy of engagement is tangible, growing, and continuing to support the movement.

Working with social enterprise leaders and expert practitioners, SEWF now continues to: showcase the opportunities for, and remarkable potential of government support; map the sector’s direct contributions to economic prosperity; describe the positive environmental impact made by social enterprise; and powerfully illustrate how our movement responds to numerous social issues.

In addition to those activities, SEWF C.I.C. engages with a host organisation to convene a SEWF Global Event each year. This collaborative partnership enables us to create challenging, topical programmes featuring local, national, and international expertise. Our event programme offerings appeal to social enterprise leaders, academics, national and international agencies, and investors.

After our 2014 event in Seoul, SEWF had held an event on every continent. Since then, our Global Event and organisation more broadly, have gained international momentum and been recognised as a catalyst for change within the sector.

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To learn about our previous events, click on the map below. You can also watch this video to learn more about our most recent event, SEWF Digital. You can also read our event report here.