June opportunities for social entrepreneurs

by Joana Silva / May 2024

June brings a range of new opportunities for social entrepreneurs and innovators. This month, we’re highlighting initiatives focused on education, climate action and sustainability. Whether you’re looking to grow your network, gain new skills, or find support for your projects, these opportunities are here to help. Read on to find out how you can take advantage of these June initiatives to enhance your social enterprise and make a positive impact.

1. UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education

Deadline: 7 June

This grant recognises and supports innovative contributions to advancing girls’ and women’s education. Recipients receive up to $50,000 USD in funding and global recognition for their efforts in promoting gender equality in education. Open worldwide to individuals, institutions and organisations promoting education for girls and women.

2. Global Energy Center Fall 2024 Young Global Professionals Program

Deadline: 7 June

This internship offers young professionals in the US the chance to develop their skills in the energy sector through hands-on experience, professional training and networking with industry leaders. The main goal of the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center (GEC) is to develop and promote solutions that advance global energy security, enhance economic opportunity and accelerate pathways to net-zero emissions.

3. IKEA Waste to Resource

Deadline: 7 June

This initiative seeks innovative solutions to transform waste into valuable resources. Participants will receive funding and support to develop and implement their sustainable projects. Open to innovators worldwide, this programme aims to promote circular economy practices and reduce waste.

4. Youth Leadership Development Programme (YLDP)

Deadline: 9 June

This programme will provide Nigerian youth 18-35 with leadership training, mentorship and networking opportunities to foster personal and professional growth and to drive social change in their communities. The Youth Leadership Development Programme aims to help young people become contributing members of society and empower young people to actively engage in addressing issues of national concern while fostering peer-to-peer learning and community building.

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5. RaiseProgramme

Deadline: 10 June

The Impact Shakers RAISE Programme offers comprehensive support including funding opportunities, expert mentorship and tailored training to help underrepresented founders scale their start-ups and create impactful businesses. Open to women and underrepresented founders, primarily early-stage start-ups worldwide. 

6. NOAA Young Changemakers Fellowship

Deadline: 10 June

This fellowship supports young environmental leaders aged 16 to 24, by providing mentorship, training and resources to implement projects that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship. It includes a stipend ($800), funding to support their action project (up to $750), one-on-one mentorship with a NOAA employee and an all-expenses-paid kickoff summit in Washington, D.C. (July 23-27, 2024). Open to participants in the US. 

7. European Social Innovation Competition

Deadline: 11 June

This competition awards financial prizes of EUR 75.000, EUR 50.000 and EUR 25.000 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ranked winners to social innovators who develop solutions that address societal challenges, encouraging innovation and impact across Europe. The European Social Innovation Competition 2024 will focus on social innovation in Digital Democracy. Open to EU Member States or Associated Countries to Horizon Europe.  

8. Youth Innovation Challenge

Deadline: 12 June

The Youth Innovation Challenge provides up to $1,000 USD in funding, mentorship and a platform for young people to showcase innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Successful applicants receive grants and the chance to present their ideas on an international stage. Open to young innovators worldwide between the ages of 15 and 30 years old.

9. Landscape Leadership Camp

Deadline: 16 June

The camp offers young leaders 18-35 the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through hands-on training focused on landscape restoration and environmental management. Open to African countries residents. 

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10. Zero Project Award 2025

Deadline: 16 June

The Zero Project is seeking innovative solutions that improve the lives of people with disabilities. This call for nominations is open to individuals and organisations worldwide a implementing impactful projects in accessibility, independent living, education and employment. Selected nominations will receive global recognition, opportunities for networking and potential partnerships to further their initiatives. 

11. WeAreFounders

Deadline: 16 June

This is a 9-month incubation programme that supports tech start-ups across Europe with essential resources including funding, mentorship and growth opportunities. It is designed to help founders scale their businesses and drive innovation in the tech industry, providing a comprehensive support system to overcome common entrepreneurial challenges.

12. Faros Accelerator

Deadline: 16 June

Faros Accelerator provides tech-driven start-ups that work in the blue economy with access to mentorship, funding up to € 75,000 and resources to help scale their innovations. This programme focuses on nurturing early-stage companies by offering tailored support to meet their unique needs and accelerate their growth. Open to Italian and International start-ups with connections to Italy (check programme website to learn more). 

13. Startupper of the Year Challenge

Deadline: 18 June

This challenge provides young entrepreneurs 18-35 with investment up to € 75,000, mentorship and increased visibility to help launch and grow innovative start-up projects that address local challenges. Open to 32 countries worldwide. 

14. Barclays Black Venture Growth Programme

Deadline: 19 June

This 16-week programme offers mentorship and training to black entrepreneurs in the UK, aiming to help them scale their ventures. Participants will benefit from tailored support designed to address specific business challenges, enhance their skills and grow their businesses effectively.

15. UK Social Enterprise Awards 2024

Deadline: 24 June

The UK Social Enterprise Awards celebrate the achievements of social enterprises across the UK. Winners gain national recognition, valuable networking opportunities and enhanced visibility through promotional support.

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16. Global Good Fund Fellowship 2025

Deadline: 30 June

The fellowship provides leadership development, funding and mentorship to social entrepreneurs worldwide who drive positive change. It aims to enhance the impact of their initiatives by offering comprehensive support, including executive coaching and a personalised leadership development plan. 

17. D-Prize Challenges

Deadline: 14 July

The D-Prize offers up to $20,000 USD to launch a pilot project, as well as mentorship and support to aspiring entrepreneurs who can design and launch scalable distribution solutions to alleviate poverty. Open to individuals and teams worldwide.

18. Westpac Social Change Fellowship

Deadline: 24 July

The Westpac Social Change Fellowship provides up to $50,000 AUD, leadership development and networking opportunities to Australians committed to creating positive social change. This fellowship supports personal and professional growth to amplify their impact. Open to Australian citizens or permanent residents passionate about social change.

19. India EVolve Innovation Challenge

Deadline: 30 July

This programme provides young entrepreneurs in India with funding for ideas that decarbonise India’s transport sector. The programme will offer a first prize of ₹1 Lakh, a second prize for two teams that will receive ₹75,000 each and a third prize where four teams will each be awarded ₹50,000. Open to teams of 5 or less members, led by youth (18-35) across India. 

20. Westpac Youth Impact Challenge 

Deadline: N/A

Westpac Youth Impact Challenge offers all young people around Australia aged 7 to 21 years an opportunity to come up with solutions for local problems in their communities.15 winners will be chosen to receive a prize bundle that includes a Microsoft Surface laptop and a gift pack courtesy of their prize partner, Microsoft. Winners will also receive a 12-month mentoring package from the Australian School of Entrepreneurship.