How this Community Hub in Hong Kong is inspiring more youths to be leaders

by Mirabelle Morah / August 2022

Global Citizen Capital will be hosting an SEWF22 Community Hub in Hong Kong, with the aim of establishing a platform for purpose-led individuals, policymakers, philanthropists, intermediaries and entrepreneurs to connect, learn and be inspired. But one interesting note about this Hub is its focus on young people ⏤ a Community Hub organised by young people for young people. We caught up with Ronnie Cheung, one of the organisers and asked a few questions about why Ronnie and his team have decided to host a Community Hub in 2022. 

Source: @kids4SDGs

Inspiring many young people to join the social enterprise movement 

At age 14, Ronnie had already established a social enterprise, House of Empathy, with a mission to eradicate ethnic minority poverty, starting from Hong Kong. “Through hosting this hub, I hope to use my leadership skills as a head boy in my school, my empathetic skills as a student wellbeing ambassador; along with House of Empathy and its wider community, I hope to inspire youth to discover their passion for social entrepreneurship”, Ronnie says.

Are young people supported enough in Hong Kong? 

“Young people in Hong Kong and China are generally supported. However, many young people lack confidence, peer-to-peer leadership and motivation to start their enterprise. With my experience in developing Visioneer 2030, Pay It Forward, as well as being a student representative of a peer mentoring programme, I had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and confidence. I hope that through one young person speaking to another, I can use my experiences to empower others to start their own social enterprise”. 

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A Community Hub organised by young people for young people 

“At our Community Hub, we are currently working on workshops on how young people can jumpstart their social enterprises, bringing in social enterprise speakers and enterprise pitching activities, all to motivate young people. I hope the young people can be inspired by the origin of the House of Empathy and apply their skills to create their own social enterprises. For example, as an academy-honoured student and service award winner, my academics and leadership have given me problem-solving and leadership skills to create a meaningful social enterprise and to highlight that everyone can do the same”. 

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Hong Kong: Photo by Christoph Burgdorfer on Unsplash

Benefits and opportunities participants stand to gain from being part of the Community Hub 

Ronnie hopes that participants of their Hub in Hong Kong get to understand what social enterprise holds for them all in the future and hopes that they “gain the inspiration, motivation and confidence to develop their social enterprise and become social entrepreneurs”. Providing advice to aspiring social entrepreneurs, he says,  

“Find a social problem that you are truly passionate about or something with which you resonate a lot with. Once you discover that, use your own way to tackle that problem”. 

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Mirabelle Morah is the community and communications manager at SEWF