Host an Event

WHO? – Which partners should SEWF work with?

WHERE? – Which regions and countries are ready to engage with SEWF?

HOW? – Which type of intervention, full SEWF, Regional SEWF or Partner Event?

Building a global social enterprise movement

SEWF delivers, and work is with partners to deliver three types of event –

Annual Forum
Regional Forum
Partnership Event

What characterises a SEWF event, regardless of category, is that it is social enterprise movement building.

Our Annual Forum draws global attention each year and is typically held during September. Attracting international audiences, and acting as a major driver for growth and change in the host country, our Annual Forum is a global milestone for the movement.  We provide extensive support and guidance to our Annual Forum host countries, supporting partnership development around the Forum as well as close work with country stakeholders and governments, to support our hosts aims for their country legacy.

A Regional Forum is a significant regional event, potentially with some international audience but more typically may be a national event where there is mutual opportunity to advance social enterprise movement and where national partners can capitalise on the global brand and reputation of SEWF.  A regional forum brings regional and local legacies and connects to our Annual Forum and a contributor event. The Regional Forum may also be a lead in for a future Annual Forum.

A Partnership Event is one where we work together with local and/or regional partners interested in movement building to bring SEWF social enterprise expertise, guidance and sector support. Co-branded with SEWF, Partnership Events can be theme specific, focused on a particular geography or sub-sector.


Download the SEWF Expression of Interest document here.

Annual Forum

  • The primary annual event in the social enterprise calendar. This event holds an International, regional and local legacy. Its main focus is creating a global social enterprise movement.
  • Upon successful award a license agreement between SEWF and the host will be signed, outlining arrangements such as – Dedicated Secretariat support providing 40 – 50 days’ capacity over two years for the host organiser.
  • Our Annual Forum uses SEWF Branding in a standard conference format of plenaries, workshops/seminars and networking opportunities over two days. The programme for the event would be co-produced with SEWF Board and the successful host candidate. SEWF Board presenters would be involved in the programme (6-9). The Annual Forum is a dedicated social enterprise event.
  • September is preferred date to avoid Summer cost and winter travel disruption. Each event will aim to have 800-1200 people in attendance. A key target would be 20%+ international attendance.
  • Expression of Interest is to be submitted in Spring 36-30 months in advance of the event. Full Event proposal to be submitted and presented to SEWF Board at annual Forum 2 years prior to event.
Regional Forum

  • A significant regional event to the advance social enterprise movement. This event will have a regional and local legacy and it will feed into the Annual Forum. The regional event may also be a lead in a future annual forum.
  • A light license agreement outlining obligations of SEWF and host will be signed upon successful award. Limited Secretariat Input (10-12 days) for technical support and event promotion. Additional support can be offered on a per day basis.
  • The Regional Forum will have co-branding with the event host. Format for the forum is flexible and is open for discussion with the SEWF Board, however the Board will have some input to the programme. The event will have at least 3 SEWF presenters (from Board and advisory group) in the programme. Social enterprise will be main event theme of the event.
  • Spring is preferred date to avoid a clash with the Annual Forum. Each Regional Forum event to is expected to have 300-800 people in attendance. Attendance should be regional and not just national/local.
  • Event Proposal to be submitted to SEWF Board 12 months before event (or by exception). The full SEWF Board will discuss and agree the Regional Partner selection.
Partnership Event

  • A SEWF Partner Event must be dealing with a social enterprise theme and it must contribute to the movement building of social enterprise. The event will add value to the SEWF mission and Annual Forum.
  • A participation agreement would be agreed after Partner Proposal is approved. Secretariat input by way of technical support and promotion, 1-5 days chargeable.
  • The SEWF Board will have some input into the social enterprise content and format. SEWF will identify as “Event Partner” and the event will have at least 1 SEWF Presenter. Social enterprise must be a track or theme.
  • The Partner Event must avoid dates that would clash with Annual Forum. It must also avoid dates and locations that would clash with SEWF Regional Events. A key attendance target would be at least 200 delegates in attendance, there is no upper limit for the event.
  • The Partner Proposal would be submitted to SEWF Board at least 6 months before the event take place. The full SEWF Board will discuss and agree Partner Proposal.


Convention bureaus / event management companies need not apply. Potential hosts will only be considered if they operate within the social enterprise sector.

A full proposal will be expected if applicant is successful.

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