What we do

What we do

Social enterprise is part of a global response to a broken economic system that is increasing inequality and causing a climate emergency. The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) C.I.C. impact model outlines our activities for influencing economic development to support our vision of creating a global impact economy.

What started out as an annual event has grown into an organisation that provides a range of activities serving not only social enterprises but also policymakers, corporates, academics and more.

Impact Model

Social enterprise is part of a global response to a broken economic system that is increasing inequality and causing a climate emergency. SEWF’s goal is to grow the global social enterprise movement to accelerate our transition to a new global impact economy. We do this using a three pronged approach to increase our impact, reach and authority.

SEWF Impact Model


Championing the potential of social enterprise to bring about inclusive and sustainable economic development.


  • Working with policymakers to develop and introduce policies and initiatives.
  • Engaging more corporate partners to develop social enterprise supply chains.
  • Working with social enterprise agencies and governments to develop social enterprise ecosystems.


Enhancing the social enterprise movement by providing opportunities for global community building and networking.


  • Delivering SEWF events and supporting partner events.
  • Building and supporting the development of communities of practice around specific areas, including rural social enterprise, social procurement and youth.
  • Developing partnerships with social economy agencies.

Capacity & Capability

Building a bank of accessible social enterprise resources and working in partnership to increase capacity within the sector.


  • Improving social enterprise education and research.
  • Supporting and engaging with young social entrepreneurs.
  • Developing partnerships with capacity building agencies.

Our activities

We outwork our impact model, serving both the social enterprise sector and those who have an interest in it, such as governments, policymakers, corporates, researchers and academics, in the following ways:


Events remain the backbone of the work we do at SEWF. Having proven that a digital event model can work, we have expanded our event offering to provide even more opportunities for networking, idea sharing, inspiration and learning throughout the year. We will be exploring and developing face-to-face and blended events for the future.

Upcoming events


A large part of how we support social enterprises and policymakers is through our extensive bank of resources. These include our global mapping project, database of strategies (country, state, provincial and municipal), and social procurement policies and research. These are available to download free of charge.

Explore the SEWF Resource Library


Supportive government policy has the greatest potential to grow the social enterprise movement and help transition the world to a global impact economy. SEWF is involved in a number of activities designed to support the development of effective social enterprise policy and strategy. These include curating and conducting research and our new Social Procurement Community of Practice, which will launch in April 2021. Find out more about our policy activities.

Get involved

Whatever your involvement or interest in social enterprise, find out more about how you can get involved with our mission to champion the social enterprise sector and accelerate the creation of a global impact economy. Get involved.